ZEW Discussion Papers

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99-46 Czarnitzki, Dirk;
Stadtmann, Georg
Uncertainty of Outcome Versus Reputation: Empirical Evidence for the First German Football Division
99-45 Schwager, Robert Democratisation versus accountability - should the European Parliament be given more powers ?
99-36 Böhringer, Christoph;
Rutherford, Thomas F.
Decomposing General Equilibrium Effects of Policy Intervention in Multi-Regional Trade Models - Method and Sample Application
99-35 David E. Wildasin Factor Mobility and Fiscal Policy in the EU: Policy Issues and Analytical Approaches
99-34 Kaiser, Ulrich;
Voß, Katrin
Do Business-related Services Really Lag Behind Manufacturing Industries in the Business Cycle ?
99-33 Fitzenberger, Bernd;
Franz, Wolfgang
Industry-Level Wage Bargaining: A Partial Rehabilitation - The German Experience
99-32 Pfeiffer, Friedhelm;
Rennings, Klaus
Employment Impacts of Cleaner Production - Evidence from a German Study Using Case Studies and Surveys
99-30 Addison, John T.;
Teixeira, Paulino
Is Portugal really so Arteriosclerotic ? Results from a Cross-Country Analysis of Labour Adjustment
99-29 Heinemann, Friedrich Does Globalization Restrict Budgetary Autonomy ? - A Multidimensional Approach
99-28 Esteller-Moré, Álex; Solé-Ollé, Albert Vertical Income Tax Externalities and Fiscal Interdependence: Evidence from the U.S.
99-27 Saavedra, Luz Amparo A Model of Welfare Competition with Evidence from AFDC
99-26 Konrad, Kai A.; Schjelderup, Guttirm Fortress Building in Global Tax Competition
99-25 Muysken, John;
Zwick, Thomas
Human Capital Creates Insider Power
99-24 Zwick, Thomas Innovations Induce Asymmetric Employment Movements
99-23 Büttner, Thies Regional Stabilization by Fiscal Equalization ? - Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence from Germany
99-21 Franz, Wolfgang;
Zimmermann, Volker
Mobilität nach der beruflichen Ausbildung: Eine empirische Studie für Westdeutschland
99-20 Böhringer, Christoph Die Kosten des Klimaschutzes - Eine Interpretationshilfe für die mit quantitativen Wirtschaftsmodellen ermittelten Kostenschätzungen
99-19 Stirböck, Claudia;
Heinemann, Friedrich
Capital Mobility within the EMU
99-18 Engel, Dirk
Der Einfluß der Grenznähe auf die Standortwahl von Unternehmen: Eine theoretische Analyse und empirische Befunde für Ostdeutschland
99-17 Dornau, Robert;
Szczesny, Andrea
250 Analysten, 1 Portfolio ? - Eine ökonometrische Analyse von Empfehlungen zur Gestaltung eines Vermögensportfolios zur Altersvorsorge
99-16 Buscher, Herbert S. Business Cycles in EU Member States
99-15 Müller, Claudia;
Buscher, Herbert S.
The Impact of Monetary Instruments on Shock Absorption in EU-Countries
99-14 Falk, Martin;
Seim, Katja
Workers' Skill Level and Information Technology - Evidence from German Service Firms
99-13 Böhringer, Christoph;
Welsch, Heinz
C & C - Contraction and Convergence of Carbon Emissions: The Economic Implications of Permit Trading
99-12 Pfeiffer, Friedhelm;
Reize, Frank
Berufliche Weiterbildung und Existenzgründung
99-11 Böhringer, Christoph;
Jensen, Jesper;
Rutherford, Thomas F.
Energy Market Projections and Differentiated Carbon Abatement in the European Union
99-10 Buscher, Herbert S.;
Felder, Johannes;
Steiner, Viktor
Regional Convergence and Economic Performance
99-09 Almus, Mathias;
Engel, Dirk;
Nerlinger, Eric A.;
Wachstumsdeterminanten junger Unternehmen in den alten und neuen Bundesländern: Ein Vergleich zwischen innovativen und nicht-innovativen Unternehmen
99-08 Schröder, Michael;
Dornau, Robert
What's on their Mind : Do Exchange Rate Forecasters Stick to Theoretical Models ?
99-07 Kaiser, Ulrich New technologies and the demand for heterogeneous labor
99-06 Falk, Martin;
Koebel, Bertrand
Curvature Conditions and Substitution Pattern among Capital, Energy, Materials and Heterogeneous Labour
99-05 Almus, Mathias;
Nerlinger, Eric A.;
Steil, Fabian
Growth Determinants of Start-Ups in Eastern Germany: A Comparison Between Innovative and Non-Innovative Firms
99-04 Heinemann, Friedrich Exchange Rate Regimes and Fiscal Discipline in OECD Countries
99-03 Addison, John T.;
Portugal, Pedro;
Unemployment Benefits and Joblessness: A discrete Duration Model with multiple Destinations
99-02 Pfeiffer, Friedhelm Existenzgründerpotentiale unter Arbeitssuchenden: Empirische Evidenz auf der Basis des Mikrozensus
99-01 Almus, Mathias;
Nerlinger, Eric A.
Zum Zusammenhang zwischen Größe und Wachstum bei Gründungen - Empirische Ergebnisse für West-Deutschland
98-47 Inkmann, Joachim;
Klotz, Stephan;
Pohlmeier, Winfried
Growing into Work - Pseudo Panel Data Evidence on Labour Market Entrance in Germany
98-46 Addison, John T.
Barret, C. R.
Siebert, W. S.
Mandated Benefits, Welfare and Heterogeneous Firms
98-45 Spielkamp, Alfred;
Vopel, Katrin
Mapping Innovative Clusters in National Innovation Systems
98-44 Wolf, Elke Do Hours Restrictions Matter ? - A discrete family labor supply model with endogeneous wages and hours restrictions
98-43 Büttner, Thies Local Business Taxation and the Competition for Capital: The Choice of the Tax Rate
98-42 Addison, John T.
Blackburn, McKinley L.
Minimum Wages and Poverty
98-41 Addison, John T.
Portugal, Pedro
Job Search Methods and Outcomes
98-40 Buscher, Herbert S.
Buslei, Hermann
Göggelmann, Klaus
Koschel, Henrike
Ramb, Fred
Schmidt, Tobias F. N.
Steiner, Viktor
Winker, Peter
Empirical Macromodels Under Test
-A Comparative Simulation Study of the Employment Effects of a Revenue Neutral Cut in Social Security Contributions
98-39 Büttner, Thies;
Fitzenberger, Bernd
Central Wage Bargaining and Local Wage Flexibility: Evidence from the Entire Wage Distribution
98-38 Pfeiffer, Friedhelm;
Reize, Frank
Business Start-ups by the Unemployed - an Econometric Analysis Based on Firm Data
98-37 Beise, Marian;
Stahl, Harald
Public Research and Industrial Innovations in Germany
98-36 Almus, Matthias;
Egeln, Jürgen;
Lechner, Michael;
Pfeiffer, Friedhelm;
Spengler, Hannes
Die gemeinnützige Arbeitnehmerüberlassung in Rheinland-Pfalz - eine ökonometrische Analyse des Wiedereingliederungserfolgs
98-35 Inkmann, Joachim;
Pohlmeier, Winfried;
Ricci, Luca Antonio
Where to Patent ? Theory and Evidence on International Patenting
98-34 Bürgel, Oliver;
Fier, Andreas;
Georg, Licht;
Murray, Gordon;
Nerlinger, Eric
The Internationalisation of British and German Start-Up Companies in High-Technology Industries
98-31 Osorio-Peters, Suhita
The Goals of Sustainable Development and the Reform of the EU Banana Trade Regime
98-30 Heinemann, Friedrich
EMU and Fiscal Discipline: The End of the Deprecation Threat
98-29 Kaiser, Ulrich;
Müller, Claudia
The impact of the introduction of the Euro on firms' expectations concerning export behaviour, product innovation and foreign competition - An empirical assessment of the German business-related services sector
98-28 Falk, Martin;
Falk, Rahel
Pricing to Market of German Exporters: Evidence from Panel Data
98-26 Kaiser, Ulrich
The Impact of New Technologies on the Demand for Heterogenous Labor
98-25 Puhani, Patrick A.
Advantage through Training ? - A Microeconomic Evaluation of the Employment Effects of Active Labour Market Programmes in Poland
98-24 Rennings, Klaus
Towards a Theory and Policy of Eco-Innovation - Neoclassical and (Co-)Evolutionary Perspectives
98-23 Hemmelskamp, Jens
Der Einfluß der Umweltpolitik auf das Innovationsverhalten - eine ökonometrische Untersuchung
98-22 Steiner, Victor
Mohr, Robert
Industrial Change, Stability of Relative Earnings, and Substitution of Unskilled Labour in West-Germany
98-21 Harhoff, Dietmar;
Koerting, Timm
Lending relationships in Germany - Empirial evidence from survey data
98-20 Bühler, Wolfgang;
Korn, Olaf
Hedging langfristiger Lieferverpflichtungen mit kurzfristigen Futures: Möglich oder Unmöglich ?
98-19 Bräuer, Wolfgang
Electoral Competition under Media Influence
98-18 Ammon, Norbert
Why Hedge ? - A Critical Review of Theory and Empirical Evidence
98-17 Ramb, Fred
Finanzierungsstrukturen im Vergleich - Eine Analyse europäischer Unternehmen
98-16 Entorf, Horst;
Spengler, Hannes
Socio-economic and demographic factors of crime in Germany: Evidence from panel data of the German States
98-15 Brockmann, Karl Ludwig;
Koschel, Henrike;
Schmidt, Tobias F.N.
Tradable SO2-Permits in the European Union: A Practicable Scheme for Public Utilities
98-14 Felder, Johannes;
Spielkamp, Alfred
Innovationsstrategien und Forschungsaktivitäten ostdeutscher Unternehmen
98-13 Dornau, Robert;
Shock around the Clock - On the Causal Relations Between International Stock Markets, the Strength of Causality and the Intensity of Shock Transmission. An Econometric Analysis
98-12 Koschel, Henrike;
Schmidt, Tobias F.N.
Climate Change Policy and Burden Sharing in the European Union - Applying alternative equity rules to a CGE-framework
98-11 Fitzenberger, Bernd;
Haggeney, Isabelle;
Ernst, Michaela
Wer ist noch Mitglied in Gewerkschaften ? Eine Panelanalyse für Westdeutschland
98-10 Kempf, Alexander;
Korn, Olaf;
Market Depth and Order Size - An Analysis of Permanent Price Effects of DAX Futures' Trades
98-09 Almus, Matthias;
Nerlinger, Eric
Beschäftigungsdynamik in jungen innovativen Unternehmen: Empirische Ergebnisse für West-Deutschland
98-08 Koschel, Henrike;
Schmidt, Tobias F.N.
Modelling of Foreign Trade in Applied General Equilibrium Models: Theoretical Approaches and Sensitivity Analysis
98-07 Kraus, Florian;
Puhani, Patrick A.;
Steiner, Victor;
Do Public Works Programs Work ? Some Unpleasant Results from the East German Experience
98-06 Engel, Thomas;
Geßner, Christian;
Schlomann, Barbara;
Rennings, Klaus;
Weinreich, Sigurd
External Costs of Road, Rail and Air Transport - a Bottom-Up Approach
98-04 Blechinger, Doris;
Friedhelm Pfeiffer
Qualifikation, Beschäftigung und technischer Fortschritt
98-03 Franz, Wolfgang;
Göggelmann, Klaus;
Schellhorn, Martin;
Winker, Peter
Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Stochastic Simulations
98-02 Heinemann, Friedrich Die Theorie der optimalen Währungsräume - ein vernachlässigtes Kriterium
98-01 Heinemann, Friedrich The EMU Consolidation Game - or: Does 3.0 Really Mean 3.0 ?
97-35 Gröschel, Michael Die Steuer- und Abgabensysteme der Niederlande und Deutschlands - Eine Analyse der Wettbewerbswirkungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Körperschaft- und Einkommensteuersysteme
97-33 Kraus, Florian;
Puhani, Patrick A.;
Steiner, Victor;
Employment Effects of Publicly Financed Training Programs - The the East German Experience
97-32 Franz, Wolfgang;
Fitzenberger, Bernd
Flexibilität der qualifikatorischen Lohnstruktur und Lastverteilung der Arbeitslosigkeit: Eine ökonometrische Analyse für Westdeutschland
97-31 Kaiser, Ulrich
The impact of political announcements on expectations concerning the starting date of the EMU
97-30 Harhoff, Dietmar;
Scherer, Frederic M.;
Vopel, Katrin
Exploring the Tail of Patented Invention Value Distributions
97-29 Janz, Norbert Interpreting Estimation Results of Euler Equation Investment Models when Factor Markets are Imperfectly Competitive
97-28 Falk, Martin
Koebel, Bertrand
The Demand of Heterogeneous Labour in Germany
97-27 Harhoff, Dietmar; Narin, Francis; Scherer, Frederic M.; Vopel, Katrin Citation Frequency and the Value of Patented Innovation
97-26 Conrad, Klaus;
Schmidt, Tobias F.N.
Double Dividend of Climate Protection and the Role of International Policy Coordination in the EU - An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis with the GEM-E3 Model
97-25 Steiner, Victor; Wagner, Kersten East-West German Wage Convergence - How far have we got ?
97-23 Dastani, Parsis;
Laisney, François;
Vouillaume, Sophie
A Simple Test of the Efficiency Wage Hypothesis Revisited
97-22 Steil, Fabian; Wolf,Elke Welche Bedeutung haben Unternehmenscharakteristika und regionales Umfeld für die Beschäftigungsdynamik ? - Eine mikroökonomische Analyse für das ostdeutsche Verarbeitende Gewerbe
97-21 Eckerle, Tobias H. Wettbewerb der Steuersysteme in Europa - eine vergleichende Analyse am Beispiel der Region Oberrheingraben unter Einbeziehung aktueller Reformvorschläge
97-20 Licht, Georg 
Moch, Dietmar
Innovation and Information Technology In Services
97-19 Franz, Wolfgang
Göggelmann, Klaus 
Winker, Peter
Einige Wirkungen von steuerlichen Umfinanzierungsmaßnahmen in einem makroökonometrischen Ungleichgewichtsmodell für die westdeutsche Volkswirtschaft
97-18 Licht, Georg; Nerlinger, Eric New Technology-Based Firms in Germany: A Survey of the Recent Evidence
97-17 Steiner, Viktor 
Wagner, Kersten
Relative Earnings and the Demand for Unskilled Labor in West German Manufacturing
97-16 Harhoff, Dietmar Innovationsanreize in einem strukturellen Oligopolmodell
97-15 Spielkamp, Alfred Grenzen und Reichweiten Nationaler Innovationssysteme und forschungspolitische Implikationen
97-14 Steiner, Victor Extended Benefit-Entitlement Periods and the Duration of Unemployment in West Germany
97-13 Rennings, Klaus
Koschel, Henrike
Brockmann, Karl Ludwig
Kühn, Isabel
A Regulatory Framework for a Policy of Sustainability: Lessons from the Neo-Liberal School
97-12 Blechinger, Doris
Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
Qualifikation, Beschäftigung und technischer Fortschritt
97-11 Rennings, Klaus
Hohmeyer, Olav
Linking Weak and Strong Sustainability Indicators: The Case of Global Warming
97-10 Harabi, Najib Vertical Relations between Firms and Innovation: An Empirical Investigation of German Firms
97-09 Kaiser, Ulrich The determinants of BUND-future price changes: An ordered probit analysis using DTB und LIFFE data
97-08 Pfeiffer, Friedhelm Human Capital and Innovation in East and West German Manufactoring Firms
97-07  Puhani, Patrick A. Foul or Fair? The Heckman Correlation for Sample Selection and its Critique - A short Survey 
97-06 Crawford, Ian;
Laisney, François;
Preston, Ian
Estimation of Household Demand Systems Using Unit Value Data
97-05 Janz, Norbert Robust GMM Estimation for an Euler Equation Investment Model with German Firm Level Panel Data. 
97-04 Rennings, Klaus;
Brockmann, Karl Ludwig
Bergmann, Heidi
Voluntary Agreements in Environmental Protection - Experiences in Germany and Future Perspectives 
97-03 Puhani, Patrick A. All Quiet on the Wage Front: Gender, Public-Private Sector Issues and Rigidities in the Polish Wage Structure 
97-02 Harabi, Najib Determinanten des technischen Fortschritts auf Branchenebene: ein Überblick 
97-01 Nerlove, Marc; Til Schuermann Businessmen's Expectations are neither Rational nor Adaptive
96-32 Steiner, Viktor; Wagner, Kersten Has Earnings Inequality in Germany changed in the 1980's?
96-31 Lechner, Michael : Nonparametric Bounds on Employment and Income Effects of Continuous Vocational Training in East Germany
96-30 Puhani, Patrick : Poland on the Dole - Unemployment Benefits, Training, and Long-Term Unemployment during Transition
96-29 Scherer, Frederic M. : Retail Distribution Channel Barriers to International Trade
96-28 Harhoff, Dietmar Are there Financing Constraints for R & D and Investment in German Manufacturing Firms ?
96-27 Anders, Ulrich ;
Szczesny, Andrea :
Prognose von Insolvenzwahrscheinlichkeiten mit Hilfe logistischer neuronaler Netzwerke - Eine Untersuchung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen 
96-26 Scherer, Frederic M. : International Competition Policy and Economic Development
96-25 Schmitt, Christian
Kaehler, Jürgen
Delta-Neutral Volatility Trading with Intra-Day Prices: An Application to Options on the DAX;
96-24 Scherer, Frederic M. : Competition Policy Convergence: Where Next?
96-23 Hemmelskamp, Jens : Umweltpolitik und Innovation - Grundlegende Begriffe und Zusammenhänge
96-22 Hemmelskamp, Jens : Environmental Policy Instruments and their Effects on Innovation
96-21 Korn, Olaf; Anders, Ulrich Model Selection in Neural Networks
96-20 Schmitt, Christian : Option Pricing Using EGARCH Models
96-19 Licht, Georg; Zoz, Konrad: Patents and R & D - An Econometric Investigation Using Applications for German, European and US Patents by German Companies
96-18 Scherer, Frederic M. : International Trade and Competition Policy
96-17 Harhoff, Dietmar;
Moch, Dietmar:
Price Indexes of PC Database Software and the Value of Code Compatibility
96-16 Koebel, Bertrand Tests of Representative Firm Models: Results for German Manufacturing Industries
96-15 Blechinger, Doris;
Pfeiffer, Friedhelm
Technological Change and Skill Obsolescence: The Case of German Apprenticeship Training
96-14 Steiner, Viktor Employment and Wage Effects of Social Security Financing - An Empirical Analysis of the West German Experience and some Policy Simulations
96-13 Scherer, Frederic M. The Distribution of Profits from Innovation
96-12 Schröder, Michael : Value at Risk: Proposalson a Generalization
96-11 Wünsche, Alexander : Belastungsauswirkungen einer ökologischen Steuerreform
96-10 Beise, Marian ; Spielkamp, Alfred : Technologietransfer von Hochschulen: Ein Insider-Outsider-Effekt 
96-09 Erbsland, Manfred; Ulrich, Volker : Der langfristige Zusammenhang zwischen demographischen und budgetären Variablen 
96-08 Korn, Olaf ; Schmitt, Christian : Die Nachbildung von Aktienindizes: Ein Vergleich verschiedener Verfahren 
96-07 Nerlinger, Eric : Firm Formation in High-Tech Industries: Empirical Results for Germany
96-06 Brunsbach Stefan;
Lang, Oliver :
Die Rendite von Lebensversicherungen nach Steuer
96-05 Heinemann, Friedrich : Währungsunion und deutsche Kapitalmarktzinsen
96-04 Anders, Ulrich; Korn, Olaf ; Schmitt, Christian : Improving the Pricing of Options - A Neural Network Approach
96-03 Puhani, Patrick ; Steiner, Viktor : Die Entwicklung der Lohnstruktur im ostdeutschen Transformationsprozeß
96-02 Felder, Johannes ; Fier, Andreas ; Nerlinger, Eric : High-Tech Gründungen in den neuen Bundesländern: Entwicklungen und Standorte 
96-01 Puhani, Patrick ; Steiner, Viktor : Public Works for Poland? Active Labour Market Policies during Transition